Why Offshore Company ?

There are a lot of reasons clients will choose registering offshore company for their offshore operations:

a) Offshore bank accounts – If you choose to register Belize as offshore company, so it is certain that it becomes easier to open offshore banks also in Belize. As Belize is classified as offshore jurisdictions.

b) Offshore operations licenses – Some business licenses are easier to apply for, said gambling license, it can be applied for easily if using offshore company.

c) Offshore profits zero tax – All offshore jurisdictions are using territorial tax systems that IBCs are not required to pay offshore tax as they engage in offshore business.

d) Less annual maintenance fees – As IBC(s) are not required by law to keep proper books of accounts nor required to file any tax returns to the offshore jurisdictions, it saves the fees for keeping proper books of accounts, and arrangement for the professional accountants to file the tax returns to the relevant offshore jurisdictions tax departments.

e) Privacy Protection – The Company Registry will issue authorised licensed agent to keep clients information, and they will not keep database records for public search. It is why offshore jurisdictions Company Registry do not allow for public search.

f) Enforceability of Trust Law – Due to the facts that more offshore jurisdictions are using Law Systems of Commonwealth countries, so they will have trust law. Through legal trust arrangement, the beneficiary identity can be totally hidden, and the beneficiary can by Trust Law of the offshore jurisdiction control the company and the company bank accounts instead of by Company Law of the offshore jurisdiction .

How to Proceed ?

Please go to Order Form Page, and download the form, and fill up the details and e-mail back to us. Then we will check the company and and bill to you, and start proceed.