Offshore Banks in Hong Kong

If you need Offshore banks account in Hong Kong, we can open for you. The condition is that you must come to Hong Kong. All the banks in Hong Kong are unwilling to open banks accounts for offshore companies, they are only willing to open for Hong Kong company.

We can arrange you the following banks.


  • Heng Seng Bank HK

  • Citi Bank HK

  • China Citi Bank International

  • Chinee Trust Banks

  • Bank of China

  • Wing Lung Bank

  • DBS Bank

  • OCBC Wing Heng Bank

Basically, they need passport and proof of address. However, as different banks have different policies, so it is better that we have your applicant form, and then re valuate your case and choose what Offshore Banking Hong Kong we can arrange for you.

How difficult to open banks accounts in Hong Kong or Outside Hong Kong.

Please visit the Testimonial page heading as “Clients cannot open bank accounts, and look for us to help”. You can see that many clients who opened a Offshore Company Formation without bank accounts. The successful rate is 10%. Why ?

In Hong Kong, Hong Kong Government has amended the Money Laundering Law that it makes the banks in Hong Kong use very cautious approach to open bank accounts.

In case of outside Hong Kong, as global economy is not good, so it rises global crimes, and Money Laundering Cases have also been rising, so global banks also use cautious approach to open bank accounts.

Some banks even ban to open for certain nationality, and some business activities too.

Why you can help us to open bank accounts.

Our professionals come from true professional background, holding practicing license, as well as global management training, and receive legal training in degree level, and practical level. We are expertise in Money Laundering Law in Hong Kong as well as International Money Laundering Policies. We understand what policies of the banks (both in Hong Kong and outside Hong Kong) they are using therefore we can act according to their policies so as to open banks for clients.

Please go back to the Testimonial page and see how successful clients can get the Offshore Banking accounts opened in Hong Kong and outside Hong Kong.

It is our practice that we will not promise what banks we can open for you, but what banks we will arrange fro you; or through some strategies we will recommend for you so as to at final you can open the banks you demand.

Please understand if you ask a quoit for a professional firm, and they quote you a fee which is very cheap, and confirm OK. Please think about it. It is impossible for clients to Open Bank Accounts without special arrangements in Hong Kong.

We are one of the few professionals who do and can help clients getting bank accounts easily.

For fees, please refer to Fees Schedule. You will know the services fee in details.