Hong Kong Holding Company Formation

Since 2006 ‘Chui Lai and Co CPA’ has been a leading, reliable and registered international client based Certified Public Accountants agency in Hong Kong who excelled its identity larger and more authoritative by introducing its unique existence since 2011 as ‘Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited’ involved wholeheartedly, in practicing Global Tax Issues for International Clients, Global Auditing Issues and Offshore Secretarial Issues. As a renowned Offshore Tax Consultancy we welcome and execute our Holding Company formation Services for both foreign and national clients. We provide our doubtless expertise for both private and public companies, regardless to the size and nature of the company.

Necessity to opt an agency for Hong Kong Holding Company Formation services

In lack of adequate knowledge about Hong Kong legal rules and regulations pertaining to a Holding Company Formation in Hong Kong, it would be quite a difficult effort thinking for Hong Kong Company Formation, and at this crucial point, one strictly needs to hire a genuine agency whose perfect assistance and proper guidance may furnish the entire process easy, fast and reliable. Being a leading and foremost Offshore Tax Consultancy, ‘Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited’ ensures its clients to be their legal consultant, offering paramount assistance containing apex brilliance.

Specialization at ‘Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited’

Employing a futuristic preview and fair treatment, we provide a large range of astounding services to both our international and local clients to personify prosperously. We entertain our utmost gratifying assistance for international or Hong Kong statutory and non-statutory audits arrangement services, international corporate tax issues, corporate secretarial issues, establishment and management trust fund, insolvency management services, immigration issues, Hong Kong and Offshore company setup and arrangement for opening Hong Kong, offshore bank accounts and specialized in Holding Company Formation in Hong Kong.

Why to Choose Holding Company Formation

In the present global Business & Marketing arena, being a world class business destination Hong Kong warmly welcomes everyone, from every part of the globe (just with a few considerable and legal conditions) for the manifestation of one’s hearty desire for Hong Kong Company formation. The legal corporate laws allow brilliantly to own either a private company or a public company in two different ways—

Setting-up a whole New Company Or Purchasing a Ready made or shelf company.

Figuring out the Confusion & Differences between both terms

  1. In the first case, if one looks for Setting-up a whole New Company in Hong Kong with a preferred company name, one must specify it but the time for the entire Registration Process would relatively be longer.
  2. While in the case of opting a Ready-made or shelf Company, one has to choose a particular company name from a given list containing a number of never-used shelf company names, but this is more superbly favorable in regards to Registration Processing time.

Although expertise in dealing both cases employing equal potential, we suggest our foreign clients to go for the next option targeting a smooth and effective proceeding for Hong Kong Holding Company Formation. By dint of our experts’ perfection, this takes simply a short span of 2-4 working days.

Our Holding company Formation Services include

  1. Company name search.
    2. Certificate of Incorporation.
    3.  Business Registration License.
    4.  Articles of Association (10 copies in English and 1 copy in Chinese).
    5.  Share certificate book.
    6.  Authorized company stamp, company chop or a common seal.
    7.  Green box with company name printed on.
    8.  1st-year Company secretarial services.
    9.  Complimentary opening bank account arrangement: –
    a) 5 certified true copies of company documents for opening bank account.
    b) Prepare a board minute for opening bank account.
    c)   Arrange and make an appointment with the bank representative to open your

Bank Account at our center or a nearby branch.

Compared to all regards as an authentic and credible Offshore Tax Consultancy, ‘Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited’ provides you the most suitable, quick, legalized and secured option for Holding Company Formation within the most affordable budget. We assist business owners around the world and new Interprenures to enjoy the optimum benefits of Hong Kong business policy in all concern and specially the most tremendous legal Tax Regimes.

The transparent and authoritative dealing of our highly qualified and certified key personnel promises you incredibly a beneficial experience.