1. What business licenses you can register for us ?

    We can register a lot of licenses, including:
    a) private company company license; b) public company company license; sole proprietorship company license; partnership company license; and special licenses include Money Changes License; Money Remittance License; Money Lending License; Charity License; Club or Association License; Company limited by Guarantee License and offshore licenses for Insurance License Private Funds License; Assets Protection and Administration License; Online Gaming License; Broker Business License; Money Processing License; Money Lending License; Money Changes and Remittance License; and Foundation License.

  2. What banks accounts you can open for us ?

    We can open for you banks account in Hong Kong if you come to Hong Kong and banks accounts outside Hong Kong by remote.

  3. What names can be used ?

    Basically, if the company name has not yet been registered by another, you can use it.

  4. How much is the share capital ?

    We will use standard share capital.

  5. How many directors and shareholders are required ?

    Basically, a company is required at least one director and one shareholder.

  6. Who can be appointed as director and shareholder of the company ?

    Basically, any person can be appointed as director and shareholder.

  7. How to proceed the company license and bank accounts ?

    Please downloan the application form and fill up the details and then e-mail back to us then we will check the name and proceed.

  8. What other services you can provide to your potential clients ?

    We can provide other professional services including Accounting and Auditing; Corporate Secretarial Issues; Tax Planning and Consultation; Nominees Services; Notarization and Apostillization and Consulate Certification Services

  9. What are the fees of your services ?

    Pleae go to the Fees Schedule page, and you will have all the fees details.

  10. Who are you ? Why we choose you to help us ?

    Please go to “Why you ?” page, you will know you must choose us.

  11. What are your payment methods ?

    Basically, we do accept online payment by Visa card, Master card, AE card, paypal, Western union, Moneygram, wire transfer and cash when you visit our office.